Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here is Pippa the other week, enjoying here wash at the dog wash down at the vets.... I know she doesn't look very happy, but she was!! Honestly, she volentarily walked up the gang way to stand while she was washed.... soaped up.... and finally, blown dry!

We walk her dry, another dog had come along, and seemed interested, well the owners did any way, and Pippa had had her time, so we had a run in the sun to get the last bit of wet out of her... amazing though as soon as we were through the door she just had to run and rub up against anything material, just to be sure!!

Took above pic down at the beach last week, I had had to zoom in for these sailing boats above, and didn't do a very good job.... not sure why the sea is at an angle...??  Must have been me I guess!!!

Y al final, a praying mantis!  Cute little guy isn't he, not sure if he was running towards a female or away, in fear of losing his head maybe!!!


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