Friday, October 28, 2011

Soon be Halloween folks!  And time has past since I last Blogged, as you may be aware!

Too much time gone past for catch ups... lots to tell???

I guess I should really start with this... we're moving!!! Arh! I said it out loud, and on here.... shock horror!

You will no doubt get fed up with the constant links to the house... and odd stuff I put on in the hope of google picking it up for top shot and exposure! So sorry ahead of time for doing so, but a girls gotta to do, what a girls gotta to do!

Alhaurin el Grande we will miss, of course, friends here.... So many new friends we would not have met if we had stayed down on the coast, not sure how I will cope with my last days here... maybe not tell myself when I am going exactly, then I will just be gone...

Pippa too of course!  She will travel in style with Posh Pets!  She has only stayed with them once before, for nearly 2 weeks, and I hadn't seen her for over 2 months when we did go to collect her, she looked very different, I wonder how different she will look after a trip from here to the UK!

The house will be empty when all our belongings have gone, just me, Pip and a suitcase of clothes! Not much, but at Mom's I only had a case of clothes for 2 months... Its amazing what little you need actually.  And when Mom and I originally moved out here, 9 years ago, we were in a rented apartment for 6 six months with two suitcases each of our own things!!  Knowing you will see your things again, you can live without them for a while...

We have a 'Se Vende' sign up outside, so its no secret, all the neighbours must know by now???

I have also been busy getting a fifth book on Kindle for Peter Maddocks, a children's book,  proof reading, editing, and now publishing, few problems with this one, but it should be 'live' any day now!!

We have also had rain!  Been a great six months with none! I think just a sprinkling of rain while I was on holidays in England, but now its here!  Been lots of it, as always, in Spain, when it rains, IT RAINS!!!

Very dry October, and someone said we're due a dry winter! Lets hope so!

Not sure what else to write today, feeling a little hollow... its a big move, step? Onwards again, always wanted to live in Spain, took sometime to get here, and now, I have done my time, for whatever crime it was[???] I will always love this country, these mountains, this buena vista we have here.... nothing better!  But, its time to go... We both need to work, real work, paid work!  The people who owe Franco will still owe Franco!!! Just because we're going doesn't mean their debt to him disappears!! [in case they are reading this!]

So, friends... hang in there with me now, who knows what is ahead, where, and when whatever will be will be!  I guess my header of My Diary Blog of our life living in Spain and beyond... Is moving to the beyond now!  It's both exciting and scary....

Wish my Mom was about....

anyway amigos


chrissie said...

Hi Marian
How are you sorry I havent left any comments lately What a shock to see you are leaving Spain.Where are you going to is it wales where Franks family live.Are you happy to go.I cant imagine you not living in Spain as you even looked Spanish!I hope you are still going to do a blog as you make everything sound so interesting I wish you all the luck in the world and perhaps we can speak on the phone when you return to England
Take care and lots of love
Chrissie x x x

Marian said...

Chrissie... Hello, yes we're off to Wales, we would have sold up a couple of years ago, but Mom got sick... Its time to go... and yes definitely still Blogging! Its a long journey I am taking and want all my friends with me, and will continue to do so! Blog and want my friends with me!

Be good to talk on the phone when I am back in Blighty! Take care, love mxxxx