Saturday, October 08, 2011

 Uh Oh, Blog looks different.... for me I mean, here, the part where I have to work.... So anyway, above, me, peering into the mouth of a hippo... of course, what else does it look like!

This above is the classic pose, I have seen it on so many Facebook status's you wouldn't believe, well I am not putting there.... Mmmmm, well I guess I might!

These chaps above, were playing amongst themselves, flying about so fast, jumping from the pool, sliding along the floor, chasing each other, fighting maybe, they were bearing their teeth, alot!

Good to see they do all these trips by themselves, and without being urged on by any of us humans eh!

Now since last Thursday? Oh I can't remember, there was this Tuesday when Franco and I went down to Cabopino beach, got sun burnt! Unbelievable eh, and badly, I can still feel the burn four days later!  I think actually, just between you and me, it could be one of the meds I am taking, it does say on the box, 'stay out of the sun'.... well, I didn't know exactly to what extent that was, and the doctor didn't advise me to read the instructions, nor did the farmacy, and they are in Spanish after-all... Any other excuses I can come up with?? Give me a minute....

We went down to the coast again today, checked on Maria's apartment, all good there.... we sat on the beach nearby, there was a yacht race on, took some photos, but am not holding out much hope of them being any good to be honest!  There were some fishermen, they didn't catch a thing, and a couple had a blazing row, he stormed off and came back later, her and the baby had remained on the beach to wait for him to calm down!  Holidays eh! some people are not used to spending 24 hours together, never mind a whole week or two!

We had also gone into Fuengirola earlier, we needed something from a 'light/lamps' type of shop, it was shut, sign on the door said it was shut due to the feria that is on this week and until the 12th of this month...There were many, many shops shut.  You would think, if I am correct, in thinking this, that with the recession on at this time, and bad it is here in Spain, that the shops would stay open, take money from all the extra people who are about in town, during the feria week, after all, the fair isn't open so much during the day, are the shop assistants really all at the fair every night, what a loss of income, what a loss of sales and possible customers who wont bother going back again!!!

We went to buy a couple of things in Lidl, but the lines were too long, so we went to Super Sol, no lines, not many people, don't know why, most of their prices seem to have come down, radically, which is good!

I was so hungry before dinner, I have eaten far too much and now feel too full, I have a food baby which is complaining too much, and I have such a wonderful story yet to tell.... Sorry, got to go!

Mañana amigos

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