Friday, May 04, 2012

How easily I am distracted... I uploaded these photos about an hour ago, and obviously left the page and just remembered they were here... Only my post was gone and so was the tab!  Found again okay though, its been far too long since I have posted, I have been busy with editing and publishing, and promoting... that's my only excuse really!

A few visits to the doctors, nearly on first name turns already,  and I am now getting letters reminding me I haven't had this or that done in years, ladies you'll know what I mean, so one of those I must get done!!  A test saved my life back in 1989 and I wouldn't be here without having had it done...  Living in Spain the last few years I was a bit lax in keeping up to date!

Yesterday I had another EKG done at the local hospital, and a very nice hospital it is too, Neath Port Talbot, it looks quite new still and the interior looks like a ship or ferry, everyone is really friendly, asking we were lost or needed help, that was my lost face I had on it seems!

A huge restaurant and a separate coffee bar, three shops run by the WRVS, is that right way round?  And even a bric a brac stall was open by the time we left!

The EKG went as per the norm, the machine was an older version than Malaga, but the test was more thorough and she checked out my heart in different places than before.

I had been feeling very strange, lonely, walking around Neath, a stranger in a strange place if you know what I mean, but the other day I bumped into someone I knew!  We said hello in passing!  Wha hey, the first person that I know, that I have seen in town.... Who was it??? Oh a man who works in the job centre!! Ha!

The three photos here are the garden, the blue bells still hanging on in up there, smelling sweet, and the huge tree, is it maple?  I have zoomed in above, but I am sure it is English, or should that be Welsh maple!

The weather this week has been strange, today is okay,  neither here nor there really, bit of rain yesterday and clothes dried on the line on Wednesday in just a couple of hours!

Long Lost Family on ITV these past few weeks has been good, self abuse though I think its called, I cry nearly all the way through, tears of happiness, tears of wishing...

I can't wait to meet the family who found me, hopefully this month, I will get to meet a cousin while they are on their holidays on the south coast!!!

I am trying at this moment to up load a book onto kindle, and its doing my head in, been trying on and off all day.. so back to it now!

TTFN amigos


Carol O said...

You're so easy to pray for, Marian. Take that as a huge compliment! Lovely photos, too.

Marian said...

Carol... thank you x