Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forgotten Victims

How can one sit and weep
For a life now gone, passed by

How can one cope, with pain
If tears that once fell, are now dry
How can one look in the mirror
And not see the child I hide
How can one cope, with living
While the torment still grows inside
How can one look at the children
And not see me in them
How can I stop them becoming
Another forgotten victim
I bare these wounds of yesterday
They bleed deep in my mind
Their scars will be here tomorrow
Not for others to see, they are blind
The crime is now dead and long buried
My childhood, consumed, and now gone
The guilty roam free, unrepentant
No remorse, for what they'd done wrong
And I cannot live, or stay living
And a river of tears, I still cry
Just one more forgotten victim
I'll remain, til the day that i die.

Written by LJBush

Another work from Lorraine... she has one book out so far The Double Edged Sword ... another two in the pipeline...

Today we have been busy, hit all the Swansea retail parks, I was in a shopping frenzy, amazing how much money you can spend with your mind without even opening your wallet!!  Can't get over the amount of people always buying in these stores, and not always with their [in]flexible friends!  Lots of notes flying about! 

When we came back to the car, a note was on the windscreen and straight away I knew someone had hit the car... they had, knocked off the wing mirror, well door mirror, you know what I mean!! So great, phone number on the piece of paper, "sorry blah blah blah"... well good thing the mirror popped back where it should  have been with a bit of extra help from a screw driver.... because the phone number was a dud!  Not sure what sort of idiot thought went through the persons mind, should have just left nothing if the number wasn't going to work, maybe they just did it for effect, of others passing by to see.... and say... "ah, that's good, they have left their number...." hahahahaha!!  Well, what goes around comes around?  I noticed their forethought too with the slip of paper they used, it was a receipt but they removed they're card details etc, not sure how I could have traced them with it, but who knows.....

Been a glorious day here today, blue skies, sunshine, still burning now, but low, slowing setting over Swansea!  Was beautiful yesterday too, washing dried on the line etc, open doors and windows...

Now, hold onto your hats[!] well maybe eh!  I visited a hairdressers!!!! The second one in a matter of days!!! OMG!!!  I am going to get my hair colored properly... its all sorts of colors at the moment, I haven't used the same color, or brand for months, my hair grows so fast it needs doing every 3 or 4 weeks max!  So, I thought, get it done by a professional, especially as it has got into such a mess with colors!  Today they put three different color tests behind my ears to test for reaction... and are calling me back to see what happened to the samples I left behind!!! Yes, she cut my hair... of course you can see exactly where she took it from.... not, but I can still feel its loss..... I am not getting it cut, I shudder at the thought of those scissors coming anywhere near me.... its bad enough going into a hairdressers, no one has ever seen hair like mine!!!!  I think I should go to Italy and have my hair looked after, over there?  What do you think!!!



Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I'l find who hit the mirror, they do not want to mess with a davies. You and I both, I hate anyone touching my hair.

See you next week


Marian said...

Maria.... Can't wait to see you, not long now! Lets hope for good weather too! love m xx