Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you gals out there....

False happiness in that cheery sentence up there, my mom gave me a small book September 2007, I know it was then by the date mom wrote inside, as she always did when she gave a book...

I wanted to find a poem to write in here today from it, as I have in the past, but this morning in the above page... there was a 3 leaf clover?  "Thank you for the chance to rediscover the world" by Pamela Dugdale

I know I didn't put it there... it also reminds me of the St Patrick's Day three leaved shamrock - so me being me, I am taking it as my mom saying 'hello' today, especially on Mothers Day, [St Patrick's Day being the day of mom's service, and a special day of hers and my dads].

Quiet day here today, Baz was coming down to visit but came down instead with the awful virus I have had, I made him extra happy telling him I am into my sixth week of coughing now!  What was worse really was he lost his train fare... and I got a lovely card from Tony with a cup cake on the front that looked so good I could almost eat the card itself!!!

..... Phone just rung.... it was Tony, who I was just writing about!  Spooky eh....

Well, that's it, going to phone some other mom's now.... try and stay sane, and do some pottering!

Here's another poem from my book, from my mom....

Walk gently my daughter
Through life's joys, songs and triumphs.
For my love will be there in your heart.
Walk gently my daughter
Through life's sorrows, pains and woes...
Walk gently my daughter
Through all life's great mysteries.
For my love will be there in your heart.

Linda Macfarlane 



Carol O. said...

A belated but hearty Happy Mother's Day to you, Marian! God bless you.

Marian said...

Carol... Thank you, Happy Easter! love mxx