Saturday, June 08, 2013

Started a new job today!  Had an early shift this morning, 8-12 noon, only four hours, but when I got in I felt suddenly so exhausted!  Ate a huge lunch, as had had breakfast about 6am, then fell asleep, luckily managed to lay down first, don't know how I kept my eyes open to get to bed!

Got up when the alarm woke me up half hour ago, 3pm, and have a couple of hours of R&R before I go for a 5-8pm shift, these are the hours I have tomorrow, the latter that is, and will find out my rota, get given it for the following two weeks...

My new role is something completely different to anything I have ever done before, interesting and challenging, Support Worker, told you it was something new to me didn't I!

I am still living my passion, my books!  I finished e/formatting a book last week for one author, and started an edit the other day for another!  Nearly finished, only ten pages to go and then notes to write up and send it back for finalizing!

Then.... an updated book for Peter Maddocks, one of his children's books, at present a read only story, but soon to be full of color and a great enjoyment to children, with its beautiful illustrations throughout!

Lone star up yonder shining bright, shining alone in the early light
Earthman's Airplane passes by
Red lights flashing high in the sky  
Is it close to you up there?  
Do the people from their windows stare?    
What do you think of the world down here?
Is that why you are blinking, to hide a tear?
No gems on earth with you compare.     
As I gaze up and wonder,  
Who put you there ?.   
Poem by....        Terence West.


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