Friday, June 28, 2013

Just a picture today purloined from Facebook friend...

Been very busy working, think I am settling in well now, every day is different, every day is a learning curve, lots to remember, a whole lot more not to get wrong!!!

Its not a job I can talk about too much, so will add I am editing on a new book for Peter Maddocks 

It is an updated version of a book we have previously published, The Pig & Whistle of Downtrotter Farm... this one will be bursting with full color drawings, bringing the whole story to life for children to enjoy more fully!

I am also about to receive another book from LJ Bush, a book of poetry and art all by Lorraine... to put together and publish on Kindle/Paperback.

Our car had a hiccup at the MOT station last week, FAILED!! to be precise!!  So had some work done on its body, mmmmm, not a bad idea!!  And some on the engine, apparently its being driven hard enough, too many short journeys, Franco is only 3.4 miles to work and I am even less!!  It needs to be driven further once in a while, probably once a week, blow out the cobwebs, given the engine and oil inside it a chance to actually move about a bit!!!

Not feeling very talkative, mind is full of new job, bit tired, and stuff..... oh just thought I can put up a couple of photos I took on the longest day.... it was a bit cloudy, therefore taking some of the light, but I took these gone half past ten at night.... shame about the clouds...

But you the gist.... light isn't it!  I had to get the palm tree in on the upper photo of course! 

What can I say about my new job?  I work a full week, over any day out of seven, and several different shift patterns and sleep ins...


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