Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oooops, not sure whats happened to these photos!!  This is the day we, Kate, Tony and I, went to Aberdulais Falls, above some of the mining works

Here the three of us had been Maypole dancing!Yes, just the three of us, Kate and I went in one direction and Tony in the other, he did the dipping and jumping bit, Kate and I just the running round bit!  Was such fun!!  And after we had wound round the maypole and made a pretty design around it! We had to unwind it, we got some funny looks from the restaurant girls, but what the hey!!

Took above and below in 3D, must be why they have more clarity...

Beautiful day, and once again wonderful weather for holidays! Short or long stay!  I think people say it rains in Wales to keep the tourists out!  Couldn't have had better weather over the last couple of months, and yes we have some rain now, but its not cold, and dare I say it? "the garden needs it!" lol

I am settling in well to my new job, last week was a shadowing week, and today I was on my own for the first time, all went well, good job too!!  I have full hours this week, I really feel I have my found my new niche, everyone is lovely and making my progression an easy one....

TTFN amiga

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