Saturday, July 27, 2013


Great bit of design work in the local McDonalds in Calahonda!

Blue moon, well, no actually was the full moon....  Looks like a Christmas decoration!

Beach front destination! How lucky are we! Thank you Maria!!

The paseo maritimo in Fuengirola, the beach covered with people and parasols! 

Outside the bar we were drinking in in Fuengirola...

And on the roof terrace...still amazes me, after all these years...

My pineapple desert! Could be a painting the design is beautiful!

Alhaurín July 22nd night-time view taken towards the white church from the other side of the Mercadona roundabout!

Nearly home... the Twelve fountains down there centre stage, lit well!  The garage door which is where the doughnut man hangs out, or did at least!! Doughnuts fresh and hot and so near to my front door!!!

Road near our house...


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