Saturday, July 06, 2013

Alhaurín El Grande!

Be looking at this wonderful view again soon! Cannot wait, well have to, but not long to go, before this buena vista of the Guadalhorce valley will be in my sights...

And the terrace from which the view is seen by... of course Pippa dog will not be there, that will seem very strange indeed, been the odd night when Pip was at the vets... but the house will seem empty indeed without her very noisy presence....

I have been very slack in my Blogging, been busy, working and working!  I go to a centre once or twice a week and have leant some new things I hadn't learnt before!  Card making, and gift bag making, I have been really enjoying the experience, not just the craft work of course!

I had a long days course on Thursday, luckily nearby, very interesting course, day went quicker than I thought it would, but sitting for over seven hours is not high on my list of must do's is it!  So was not surprised when a migraine followed yesterday, wasn't too bad at the centre, sort of managed to hold it back, and my day ended earlier than it should have, lucky again, as the migraine took over, although maybe of course, had I still been working it may have held back a bit longer?  not sure though...  Anyway, came it did and bad, went to bed, stayed there till whenever, got up and sent a couple of messages and was back into bed soon afterwards, in the night it kept bothering me, but when I woke up this morning, I was better, took a while to get going, bleary eyed and slightly dyslexic as I am after a bad migraine... and then I finished Lorraines book on both Kindle and LULU, and then finished Peter Maddocks Pig & Whistle on Kindle and CreateSpace!!  So two books, three different formats all done today - after a bad head!!

Well well, and the sun is still shining, lots of washing washed, dried, brought in and put away!

Need a poem here, bare with, let me go purloin one from somewhere.... play quietly while I am gone....

Birds song rises early
Sun through trees filters like golden speckles
Plants grow green and lush
The lawn runs wild
Sun sets late
Red gold the sky
Swallows here, so is summer.


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