Friday, July 26, 2013

Holibob pics!

Some shots from Malaga, taken July 17th ... Above, just an attractive apartment building!

The front end of the market in Malaga, mostly a fish market, it was closing up by the time we entered it to walk through to the next street, beautiful stained glass windows this end, and Arabic arches on the other side...

If you look closely the apartment on the second floor is up for sale!!! Hope it looks better inside than its does from the out!!

Alhaurín el Grande, our church near our house, so pretty at night.... and during the day with the Roman pillars outside the town hall and the buena vista of the valley... magnifico!

The path towards the gardens in Mijas pueblo, every house recently painted white and the pots painted a beautiful blue, so fresh and clean looking, there were two little girls selling small hand made knitted bits and pieces, babies booties, gloves etc...

This picture, a bit of an optical allusion, because I took this looking down into a gorge in the gardens of Mijas pueblo, there is a little walkway bridging the gap where rock climbers climb or abseil! Centre of the photo is me, arms raised above my head to take this photo, but afterwards looking at it, I can see the big shadow on the left, and to me, just me maybe?  but I see my Pippa dog, sat down, and leaning slightly to the left, one ear up the other down...!! Only me then is it that sees her??? Oh well... I was missing her....

This beautiful avenue of trees is on the way from leaving the grotto of the Vigin de la Peña... also in Mijas, one of my favourite places in this village, and I was more than a little bit annoyed on leaving, I had gone in on my own, put some money into the electronic candle box, lit five candles for various thank yous, and wishes... and there was a couple in there laughing about and taking photo after photo.... flash flash flash, shouting and acting about!!  I know its not some great Cathedral, but to me, its somewhere special, and beautiful, and is normally so calm and sort of listens to your thoughts... oh well!!! Tourists eh! lol!!!

Above and below taken in The Palm Trees restaurant in Calahonda, the whole place has changed, I know some would say for the better as it hadn't since I first set foot in there, back in 1989, but went in there to see Antonio, who had managed the place for all those years, or at least up until three years ago... now he is gone?  Maybe still has his other restaurant near Fuengirola, one I will try and visit next time, car permitting, its out of the way somewhat!  The whole place has been repainted, the seating running up the left hand side, the booths, are raised on a platform, they still are, but all totally new!  Less tables in the main area, but where the pool table was, are now more customer tables and chairs, gone are the champagne holders, the ice cream machine...

Franco had to settle with pasta, not the greatest thing to eat out, for those of us that eat so much of it at home, cook our own sauces etc ourselves and are rather critical of Italian food other than our own!

But I had the most wonderful salmon dish and was more than pleased with it!!!

Fuengirola market Saturday and half way round, near where mom and I nearly bought a place is this area, below, two bars, the one of the left, hardly seen from here is where her and I went often whilst living in Fuengirola, at least twice a week anyhow!


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