Monday, September 23, 2013

Doctor Who Experience Cardiff

Yes, Doctor Who Experience, will be going again, if for no other reason didn't take my camera!  Wasn't sure how much walking would have to do and worried it would be too heavy! Along with the rest of the stuff in my hand bag!  So next time will drive, easy parking there, and can combine with another trip to Ikea... oh dear never mind, think I can cope with that!!!

After buying tickets, we waited to go into the Experience part of the program, a walk through adventure with the Doctor, and it was great fun, I was lucky and got to help drive The Tardis, the Navigation control and got the action going!  Really great fun!  Myself and the woman next to me, might as well have been about 12 years old, we were like two giggly school girls!!  For me as soon as I asked for the tickets "One adult and one adult child please?" I had asked the man at the ticket desk!! He knew what I meant, and of course still had to pay for two actual adults!  Not going to give away too much about the walk through experience as don't want to spoil it for anyone, well worth the visit....

Apologies again for the poor quality photos... none of which taken during the first part of the tour, not allowed, photos or videos, for obvious reasons!

The Time Lords above....

We had some lunch at the above restaurant, on board a boat!  Or rather a Lightship.... as in not a lighthouse, but a lightship!

This one permanently harboured in Cardiff Bay, and run by volunteers... you can get in the light tower usually but not today!

We passed by the Senedd, The National Assembly, and the Wales Millennium Centre where we had a coffee first thing...

Never been to that part of Cardiff before, only the shopping centre, which is a shame now, to have missed so much!  And next time will get a tour bus to these places, its a long... long walk from the Train station, there is a station much nearer the Bay, a small train, the station looks like something from an old movie, run down, buddleia tree growing out of the chimney!!  No photos of that of course!

More photos tomorrow amigos..
Tired now!

Oh Oh.... what am I doing!!! I forgot the most important part of the day!!!  Just coming down from the shop at the Doctor Who experience.... yes yes, of course there is a shop, could have spent a fortune in there too! Watches! Clothes! Randomness of things, something for everyone!  I bought a poster, its a take on a favourite of mine by Vincent Van Gogh.... and so, poster in hand, down the stairs we went, and out into the main reception area where we came in and where the ticket desk is.... passing three men... I stopped in my tracks, everyone else carried on passing by, out the doors, over to the restaurant etc... Who had I seen?  I knew, and couldn't believe that no one else had noticed a Doctor in our presence!! An actual real Doctor Who!!! And one I had seen many, many years ago... Peter Davidson, I had last seen him, standing on the steps of the American Embassy in London, I was renewing my American passport, his then wife, Sandra Dickinson had been inside doing the same thing, I had said "hello" on passing him on the steps, unaware of who he was until Dave told me I had said hello to Doctor Who!!!  Well I knew I had known him hadn't I!!!

This time I went over to the ticket desk and said to the man there, "that was Peter Davidson wasn't it??" he told me it had been and I relayed the above story to him and said I had to wait to see if he would come back out and I was going to ask him for his autograph... he said that was fine, I did wait.... and was lucky as only for about ten or fifteen minutes and he came back past the desk, I stopped him!!! And asked for his autograph, I was like a silly young girl! All of a flutter!!! I even told him the above story, he laughed and said I should have asked for his autograph then too!  I asked him to sign my poster!  So very soon that will be framed and on the wall, my Doctor Who Van Gogh with a real Doctors signature on! Way to go!!!  I still can't believe no one else in there recognised him!  And they call themselves Doctor Who fans! So many people passed him by....

Ending with two quotes, the one I already had planned and another just the heck of it!

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength
And whosoever loves much performs much
And can accomplish much
And what is done in love is done well
Vincent Van Gogh


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