Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doctor Who la segunda parte

More from Cardiff today.... [still actually same day as above, or is it below?] While I am flowing with words for a change!  Again apologies for bad phone camera images! Appalling would be a better word, and very unlike me! Above the Theatre...

Here the famous Senedd famously seen in our daily news shots from the BBC centre on the other side of the bay from here... That is for the next visit, the BBC studios!

This trio of statues on Mermaid Quay board-walk....  will find out who they are, and next time promise sunny photos too! Mmmmm promises promises... Still can't believe what a beautiful sunny day it was here in Briton Ferry and Neath!

Now why did I stop and take photos of someone's apartment terraces I here you ask? The Elvis statue caught my eye on passing.... and below another two on this side of their apartment!  These apartments looking at them here don't really look British do they! 

This area, Mermaid Quay [can I spell it the American way please, Key!!!] its Key!!! They look like keys, that is why they are called keys! Sorry, maybe I should have written this tomorrow, I was tired after all and getting crabby and argumentative now!

So.... Mermaid Key is a very beautiful area of Cardiff Bay, lots of wonderful shops, restaurants, bars, and an amazing Art Gallery I had to go in, would have been rude not to!

And finally a note from yesterday... Time and Relative Dimension in Space TARDIS, maybe that's why I got to see Peter Davidson again, I had gone into the TARDIS after all!

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
Vincent Van Gogh


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