Thursday, September 12, 2013


I feel I have been bad recently in posting my Blogs, and some of the very many photos I take all the time! Above is on a walkway, it covers an area of wetlands nearby, the path is a boardwalk, it is so broken, and the chicken wire is not enough to make me want to walk further along its route, Pippa was very hesitant on walking on the metal anyway, so we edged our way back to the start of the path which was non existent anyway,  and only ended up with muddy feet, I must have looked great wiping Pippas feet on the grass near the car!!

This is Swansea the other week, sure I posted this? They had added red dye into the fountain here in Swansea City centre, it looked very strange, therefore I had to look like a tourist while taking this picture, and feeling as such picked on a passing girl to engage in conversation with, "What's going on with the red dye" I questioned her!  She said they do it for special reasons, like St David's day, or other celebrations... but neither of us could work out what was so special about that particular day! [she was from my neck of the woods too!]

Above, if you look closely, a slow worm, towards the top right hand portion of this photo, it was about 18 inches long, Franco had uncovered it whilst mowing the lawn, lucky for the slow worm it survived to live another day!  Franco picked it up and we took him up to the forest further up the garden, once on the ground it found this crevice and quickly disappeared into the ground, cute little thing it was, so wiggly, just like a small snake!

This photo I took the other week when down towards Tenby, are you sure I haven't put these photos on already amigos?  Okay, will put the rest on tomorrow, but will check again first, this was taken whilst having a cup of coffee down near Saundersfoot Beach, look at those beautiful trees...

It is in the most unexpected of places
That we meet the most unexpected people!


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