Friday, February 21, 2014

Back from holibobs.... above in the plane on the way back to Welsh Wales....

Was a bit of a bumpy ride now and then... the most part me feeling bumpy, hate leaving my little house in Spain, a part of me is there at all times, my mom is there... and I could even see glimpses of Pippa there, a sound of her clicking toes, feeling her nearby at all times... thank goodness she was here when we got back, I missed her so much!!

The morning before we left, snow on the Sierra De Las Nieves... the snowy mountains for those of you who might want to know! And yes, they were weren't they! Although it had melted before nightfall...

Down at Fuengirola these Lions heads proudly displayed upon the wall of the main post office in the street...
They remind me of the Lions mouth in Roma, The Mouth of Truth its called there... similar to the ones in Venice, but built for an entirely different reason!

Churros con Chocolaté, I had to eat these on several occasions, just to check they tasted good, everywhere I went! Maybe I should just get back on that plane right now and check some more too!!! Soooo nice, that the té Americano I drank everywhere that I could! Found a most wonderful place in Malaga near the Picasso Museo called La Tetería... hmmmm The Tearoom, my search engine wants to call it, I must prefer its real name... I really wanted to bring home a tea pot from there, with a deep filter to put my ingredients into, we bought one elsewhere, okay... although on reflection it would have been even better had I actually brought it back with me!!!  Didn't leave it intentionally, and will now have to purchase on elsewhere... Tonight I made a pot of Chai tea... very similar to the té Americano, but without the lime, as I didn't have any!  In-fact so nice, I will have another any moment now!

And above the smallest church in Alhaurín El Grande... I have never posted a picture of it before, as I have never taken a photo of it before!!!


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