Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Clyne Gardens Swansea

This morning such a lovely day, came back after work, loaded Pippa into the car and off to Clyne Gardens we went! Not been there before, lovely place, well worth the trip and we will again, parked in the Lido car park, not cheap, although got an extra hour parking from what the machine said it would have been, and walked the wrong way for a short while, thought the path up from the Lido would go that way, it didn't seem to, so we retraced our steps and back to the Mumbles road and into the gardens the correct way it seemed!

These cut trees above look like something from a horror movies, looks some thing scary hunkering down under the leaves, waiting to pounce!

I think we walked around the gardens a little too quickly, I had an alternate reason to go there, something Barry has got me started on, not a game, but it does make you go to places you wouldn't normally go to, and hunt down interesting statues, places and all sorts of buildings...

This above is the Fairy Tower, there was a tree here with a face... I couldn't find it!!! I know I was within 20 meters of it, but just couldn't see it!!! Will go back to get a picture forsure!

This fallen tree got caught luckily by his neighbor!

I thought I could almost go live in this tree! Or at least camp out in it!

This is the Swansea Eagle!  Is it a Bonelli Eagle do you think!!!

Beautiful day today....


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