Friday, February 14, 2014

On holibobs! At home? Yes holibobs at home in Spain!

Took some time to get internet active, last trip was all okay, so not sure what occurred this time, but have Spanish Sim for calls and internet, great download... Just a bit late!!!

This visit so far... Of course visited the `office`, was early and only `office` people there! Been to Fuengirola, Benalmadinia, Mijas, Malaga... Been out with friends one evening, I was slightly worse for wear yesterday, trouble is alcohol makes me less able to feel pain, and therefore the next day my neck is always sore...

This morning I thought I would take myself for a walk before going out for a lunch date!  Walked up the hill past a friends, not sure if they're out at the moment or not! Got up to the top road and continued nearly all the way to the veriante hill! Took the road before it and wound my way down... Got to the main high street and our little town is bustling, couldn't move for people! Good to see, the sun has brought everyone out!

Will upload pics when WiFi, if that ever happens here? Or back, don't want to use all my download!


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Anonymous said...

Hi you two
Hope you are having a lovely time