Thursday, January 15, 2015

Couple of very strange statements here, and 'foot' note' ha ha!

Having read a piece of information about our memories today, reasons why we forget, the age our brains start to forget, 20, by the way! Chemical or drug related reasons, I cane across this...

*A super autobiographical memory*

"They can recall the details of what they were wearing on a particular day 20 years ago!"  This is me, add that to the problem I have with noises that drive me mad, especially eating noises, or other little repetitive noises, Misophonia!

Yes, even I agree I have some very strange foybles!

And there will be a strange Blog post here on Saturday, thanks to a challenge sent out by a fellow Blogger, amazing artist... friend, Veronica...

So Warning alert!

And now, as I tidy up, and await time to 'clock' off from work duties... It's eleven and feeling too pooped to pop, (my mom's quote!). Been awake and working since seven... Blah!

Had been enquiring of the universe something, and the universe answered today! So decisions to make, and thoughts of 'be careful what you wish for' flutter through my mind...

Marian (in thoughtful confusion!)

Photos taken at Pembray country park January 2nd 2015

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