Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grow your Blog 2015

Am I too late! Better late than never, and I am normally never late for anything... but haven't switched on for a few days... visited migraine city!

So here is me!

Born in Los Angeles... I'm sure it wasn't black and white in those days was it really?

At least I was in full color by the time I was one!!

Mom and I traveled to England when I was just under two, and there we stayed.... until I was... older! When I moved to Spain, and lived there quite contentedly until only three years ago, when we ran out of work... and ran out of Spain, unfortunately, but only for a while, I promise, my heart is still there, and my home, which we visit as often as possible... America is still also my home!  I am American born and proud of it, despite being so young when I left, a huge amount of my family are there and every single day I wish to be in their arms, to have a Christmas with them, a Thanksgiving... So much I have missed over the years with the huge cavern of the Atlantic in between, I have only ever seen my brother three times... three times!! Can you believe it, and probably will only ever see him another three times? Or less even, its a huge void in my life...

Above and below shots taken at the church in our village in Spain, not far from our home...

The view above is just a little higher than the one we have from our terrace...

And finally views of here in Wales, where we live... for now...

Mumbles above... on The Gower peninsular

Walk from Langland Bay towards Caswell Bay

Me and Pippa at Aberavon! I know, she looks a little crazy doesn't she!


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