Thursday, January 15, 2015

Very difficult Blogging from my phone or Kindle! Internet here keeps dropping, both choose words that are not of my choosing! My rushed writing at times when I can proves very random and oddly thought out! Or is that just normal for me!?! Yes! But you see here on the Kindle, if screen blanks out page has to reload, words are lost, my train of thought gone...

About the Hydrangea above... the plant is only small and hedge bound, in previous couple of years I must have cut back beneath the hedge, unaware this was even a plant, so last spring, working away as I am now, the plant got a chance to bloom this year! Yeah!  There were only three or four flower heads, and even now, long after blooming there is something special about its beauty...

Above is Porthcawl this Christmas past...

I laughed when looking back at my Blog, had to change so many typos, due to spell check! And mainly because of the promised 'foot' note!!!

Bet no one even noticed it was missing huh!?!

I have been forgetting to mention my broken toe, again... still! Had an x-ray, it's healing slowly, where I had placed it back into a straighter position (!!!), It's a bit on edge, so healed on the left side, lots of calcification there built up, and on the right, unheralded! Doctor in hospital said it will take about a year, no high heels! Hmmmm! Okay, easy to accomplish for me these days! And the odd on going pain and ache, the redness on my toe and side of foot just near it when my foot is wet or cold or hot!??? Some sort of arthritis caused by broken bones, which will never go!

End of footnote!



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