Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Had a great few days away, firstly a trip up to Nottingham to see my beautiful amazing granddaughter... I fall in love with her more each and every time I see her... She truly is the most audacious baby in the world to me...

I stayed a couple of nights, we walked into the city centre, ate take out and cooked in... talked loads and laughed tonnes....

I left my sons Sunday midday and drove south, and then south some more to North Devon and friends in Saunton... was a good trip down, lucky with weather and traffic, easy trip only two motorways and a couple of A roads! I hadn't seen them for ages... they moved there a year ago, was so good to catch up, could have stayed longer... Actually I suppose I could have! No work until Friday, when two of us will be taking our ladies away for a few days!

These photos are taken in Ilfracombe, I must admit I was left with a bad impression of the town from back in the 80's... stayed there with mom and the boys, we drove out and about every day anyway, Combe Martin, Torquay, lots of interesting places, but locally... Mmmm, wasn't much fun!

So must tell you now it is great!  Lots of quirky little shops, harbor is nice, lots of nice restaurants, bars, cafes, the town looks clean and fresh... the coast there is outstanding... so much like Wales there, I suppose if you just take the Bristol Channel away, it is after all just the one land... and from here to Ilfracombe is about 24 miles only!  Although it took me 5 hours to drive back yesterday by road.... if only I could climb upon a crow and fly with him!

Beautiful examples of wall stoning above.... and below 'Verity' by Damien Hurst, she is there temporarily apparently... I took photos from different sides as you can see, to show her.... fully!

This side... skin intact... Lots of controversy when she was placed here.... Not just naked but pregnant also, the locals weren't happy lot!

I think this is a great shot... the sword, the scales in hand.... and look at the flap of skin peeled back on leg and arm to reveal the sinews.... above and below...

It is a powerful piece of sculpture... the baby, her skull.... but amazing...

We had a good look around the shops, a great art gallery has some very quirky stuff, wish I could have taken photos but the two girls were standing almost in the window and didn't move!!!

We walked up Lantern Hill to St Nicolas chapel, (not the one below), it was very small, and apart from a chapel was a home to a family of a bout 10!! Very pretty, worth the climb, even on a day such as it was.... extremely windy!! Could almost have been blown over!!

We had a lovely drive around to make our way home via Woolacombe bay, Croyde...  I am pretty sure we will back down there soon, Pip incluido!

On my way back to Wales yesterday I did a slight detour... I believe this tiny tiny little village to be where my great great grand father lived.... Hillfarrance... Somerset... The village is idyllic! Beautiful!

I searched around the cemetery, reading all the grave stones I could, there were a lot without stones... But we'll be back to look again further... Glad I went...

Okay work to do... on a book!

Find your road through life and walk it, no matter what. The people that love you will walk that road with you, every step of the way.


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