Friday, May 29, 2015

Weston Super Mare

And to Weston Super Mare, quite a long trip by coach even from Neath!  Too long, stopped at services, too... would have helped if my phone hadn't kept telling me, 1hr and 48 minutes to Neath... the whole four days being reminded of actually how close we were by road, by car... not coach!!!

We were lucky with the weather, on the day of our trip down it looked like it could have gone either way!!  But turned out nice, and on the second morning got the open top deck double decker bus down to Sand Bay, a small area up from WSM, only a ten minute ride, but nice, at top the bus! Swaying this way and that, and trees branches hitting the front of the bus, making us nervous of hitting our faces!!!

We had a coffee and a long walk along the sandy coastal path!  When we got back to the bus stop we heard a cuckoo! and we saw the cuckoo!!  Only the second time ever in my life I have heard one and probably the first time sighting one!  Blooming wonderful it was too!  Oddly a friend of mine heard one two days later, here in Wales!  Whats the chances eh!?!

Zoom in on the yellow sign... looked so funny, although very serious of course!!

We walked the length of the pier at WSM, unable to complete the whole journey, a 'No authorized persons beyond....' blah blah blah... so we had to turnabout and walk back the side we had gone up! They charged a pound for the trouble too!  We were working, well two of us... and eating, the four of us!  Far too much, huge breakfasts, three course meals in the evening, entertainment, each night, and the hotel was fine, could not fault the food, the staff, the overall experience, very good.  The hotel was a very old house, two houses I think originally, lots of flights of stairs and corridors going hither and thither!!!

I had never been before, the town is busy and lots going on, it made me think just how very sea side a town it is in comparison with here, Swansea, Port Talbot, here even, in Briton Ferry, beaches all along, we're only a five minute drive to the beach from this house, and no where here do you feel your anywhere near the sea!  No buckets and spades, no candy floss, no floats for kiddies, nothing seaside here whatsoever.... apparently Port Talbots beach area, Aberavon, did have stalls and places to buy all things holidays and beach paraphernalia!  But sadly long gone... what an opportunity to bring in holiday makers, raise the council income at holiday seasons.... I often say things like lets go to beach or how about a trip to the coast.... forgetting we do actually live on the coast!!!

Our journey back here on Monday was also a very long haul, leaving the hotel early ish, we ambled into Bristol for a couple of hours, glad we did though, lots to go back there for... big city, lots going on SS Great Briton in the docks, a great mix of old and new... two hours from here, so we will see...


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