Friday, May 29, 2015


What haven't I been doing?? Let me think now!  Went up to see my son and his family up in Nottingham two weekends ago... followed by the trip to North Devon, as seen below... then Franco and I went to Llansteffan for the day...

I seem preoccupied with stone walls recently going by the this and the last Blog post!  But well, they are rather nice!  Llansteffan is a very pretty little village, there is a school and probably a shop or two even, there is a small café and a very very nice fish 'n chip van by the beach, where we par took of the meal of our choice, we had to fight off the birds!  Surrounded by crows mostly!  It was like something from a scary movie the way they had us covered from all angles!!

We walked along the coastal path and came to coves we had never seen before, we went from beach to slip road, up stairs and around the path...  At the top of a flight of steps Franco saw an Adder!!!

And this was later confirmed by another walker, I must admit, I had had my doubts... but when a mere bird flew out of the hedgerow and Franco jumped I had to believe him!!

There was a random metal bench out in the woods below the castle, and also a very random dog!! He was wet, and looked at us, looked down the steps and then turned back around the path and ran off, this just being after Franco had seen the Adder!


It really is a very beautiful coastline just there, here...

I think we should have been more wary of were these amazingly huge jelly fish!  There were dozens of them, the poor things were marooned on the beach, and I guess dying, but I was under strict instructions not to tamper with them, back into the water would have been all I wanted to do.... up close they are like aliens... well, my idea of an alien should I say!  Not actually having any further knowledge than this of course!  Our feet on these shots on purpose, to give size reference!


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