Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This picture shows a spiders web in the garden earlier on in the week, it is filled with thousands and probably thousands of baby spiders!  There was a big spider nearby with a nasty red mark on its back, I got Franco to move the whole thing out of our garden... we seem to have so many spiders there already!!  When you walk on the grass they jump away from your feet, weird strange things... creepy eh!!!

So, as you are seeing, a bunch of strange pics today!

Its been a very busy few weeks work-wise, covering for holiday, sickness and a bereavement...  One day I went in, did my usual 24 hour shift came home, paid a deposit for something and went back for another 24 hours!!  I was more than happy to help a friend in need, and the time at work passes very quickly...

I am off on Friday this week, and hopefully bound for somewhere new, we planned it some time ago, and can't wait now for the end of the week!

The pictures above I took while visiting oldest son and his family in Nottingham, a great walk through, looks like a way into the bat cave eh!!  Very quirky!!

And above the toys that hit the refuse the other week, they look a sad forlorn lot don't they... Bubbles and Bobby the twins, my old Tiny Tears, Tressy with... the hair extensions, [even then eh!]....

Not sure how many of you are aware we are moving back home.... there has been a countdown at the bottom of this page for some time, hiding away there silently counting down, as the other one is counting up and has been since our arrival here in Wales...


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