Friday, July 03, 2015

Me and the babe.... Yes the chair is a little bit big... for now, but the rate Cassie is growing it won't be long, when I was there last week our little angel was moving herself about on her play mat, her little legs moving, only problem was she was going backwards, pic today on fb shows she has got the hang of it now though!!  So cute, so beautiful.... Arh... my heart is singing and my soul full of love for her....

See the little bug here on the left, hidden on the leaf, I was shooting something else and turned when I heard a buzzing in my ear!  

Some random photos here I have taken recently with my camera, I was using my friends camera with all the extras and I suddenly wanted a better camera! LOL, but actually then found I do already have Macro on mine!  I just, unfortunately hadn't been using it to its best ability!
So, now I am picking it up and running about all over the place, making up for lost time!  Some better than others and am getting an extension to it, Macro yes, but not the greatest and I want to do more, better, and the extra lens will enable me to do so!

I found these wild strawberries when Pippa and I were out the other day, Tuesday, it was hot, overcast, more humidity than sun... I took the correct route, then thought I gone wrong and turned about, adding about twenty miles to the journey!!  Came about from the other direction completely, and had to fuel up into the bargain!!  Still we parked, drank water, both of us... and took to the paths of the forest at Banwen, great walking spot there.  We were only there about an hour, so hot! LOL... 88% humidity I learned later!

Walking back to the car park area a fire engine pulled in! Randomly....

Last weeks road trip took me from here... after work at 3pm across to Tony's in Bedfordshire, he and Kate have recently moved, beautiful home... stayed the night with them and mid day on Friday drove up to Barry Heidi and Cassie in Nottingham... driving back down here again the following day, Saturday, back to work on Sunday! Just about 450 miles!  It was a good journey, despite the fact of turning off the M5 at the wrong junction!  Had a lovely drive through Cheltenham, taking in the beautiful scenery, the world famous Cheltenham Ladies Collage, stunning! LOL... just looked on the map... really!!! How was I there?  And Costa coffee picked up my presence going by the email I got two days later advising me of what summer drinks I can get at Cheltenham Costa Coffee!  Big brother is always knowing where I am... great if I get lost I suppose, although later on when my phones GPS couldn't connect I was sort of free driving about Milton Keynes, thankfully that one road number carried me though!!

I also ended up on the road onto Oxfords ring road which we usually use when going to Tony's old place... not sure at what point I joined the road, but spent 45 minutes going slow-mo first gear only and not moving at all!  The road rage of us in line must have been felt though by the guy in an old white car with 'L' plates on, who had the gall to just drive past us all! On the other side of the road, like a motorbike would, can... but a car??? Really!!! He just drove past us, ten twenty cars at a time, nipping in and out again when the way was clear!! The audacity!!!

Still, working backwards again, I was on the M4 not more than 40 minutes from leaving, at a standstill at Newport, the 60MPH had come down to 50MPH and then we all stopped, except, when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a man coming down my lane, the middle lane, still too fast, he was never doing the 60 in the first place! The car came hurtling towards me, the squeal of brakes, the back end of his car went left then right as he tried unsuccessfully to stop, so he drove over into the now empty right hand lane... but then he came back into our lane further down and then into the left?!??? What the heck!!!

I will forevermore see that mans face in my rear view mirror....


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