Sunday, July 26, 2015

Whats going on with the new surge I hear on Kombucha everywhere.... or at least into my inbox...!  I was making this stuff back in the early 90's, I guess what goes around comes around again eh... I remember when my little 'ol Kombucha arrived through the mail box, he looked real yukky and weird, more like an alien than a a... yeasty bacteria mound of goo!! lol... But I followed the rules and brewed my Kombucha tea, and did so, for quite a few months, for the life of me though I do not remember why I did it, and also cannot remember one single thing that improved... and so I am guessing that is why I stopped doing it... wonder what I did with my final Kombucha... ??? Did I bin 'him' or flush 'him' unceremoniously down the pipes!

Went to a great bagel cafe in Nottingham yesterday with my son and his family, had a breakfast bagel for... breakfast!  and they have a wall, above, you bring in a mug and they give you a free coffee!! cool eh!!

I have taken shots of these building bridges in three cities now, the first Venice, the second New York and now Nottingham!

Had a wonderful visit with my grand daughter.... I love the way she watches me constantly, even craning her neck around to keep her eyes pinned on me!  Beautiful....


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