Friday, April 08, 2016

Face the Sun, and let your shadow fall behind you...

I deleted an earlier post, it was full of horrible unlike me rubbish, I don't feel better yet about the reason for my venting so publicly, but the need to share was short-lived... I apologize to those of you who had to read such a sad and angry post...

Time to move on, forget and release... like I used to say to the girls during training on my switchboard "and release..."

We had our cars ITV today, that's the Spanish MOT, motor vehicle text, we had dropped it off yesterday and we got a call to collect today, the test was about 8:30am in Malaga, where the local ITV station is, there is another in Estapona, I have a thought they were opening one in Fuengirola, not sure where that thought has come from lol...  anyway our car is fine, passed for another year.

And after a week of not using the car we were out and down the coast soon after!

Am presently while eating, very unusually eating in bed! Never do, feels like a picnic! Rice crispness and strawberries! Bought a punnet of straws in the supermarket yesterday, a 1.4 kilo punnet no less, for less than €2, made a strawberry trifle last night, added them to my porridge this morning, a Greek yoghurt after dinner this evening and nibbled on throughout, that's my fruit five a day taken care of I hope!

Hope to be out relaxing tomorrow, got to make the most of next few days before I return to work placement next week... we, or rather Franco was busy when were home today, between getting car and coast shopping, he built a bbq area up on the terrace, we have a two burner gas stove top up there, so now that and an electrical hot plate have a permanent home, metal and glass candle sconces are up, and they looked very pretty with their little tea lights twinkling in them earlier... With the cream privacy curtains it's like a Bedouin tent up there now, lovely, just need some comfy seats and we will be well away!


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