Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today is all about hailstones and sunshine!  Lots of both, some at the same time!  Big pieces of what look like sugar candy off the top of Chelsea Bun!  Hard to catch a photograph of before melting quickly as the sun comes back out!

Missed the bit in the song that says "April 'snow' showers bring forth...."

Some beautiful blue bells, my favourites... in the garden here near a few of the last daffodils... They are on the wane now!

This song thrush is bringing a tasty, for a chick, worm home to feed his family...  Not a great shot really...

This one much clearer!  This poor chap was behind a curtain all night it seems and I walked him onto the paper, we left the house and I walked him off it again onto a plant, hope he has found warmth before the snow came, maybe I should have just shared the honey pot with him in the kitchen!

I do have a really great shot of three lambs, but although I have downloaded it on here... it is eluding me at the moment!  I will do so again now... and delete this bit!

These little babes were newly born!  They are so beautiful, I have never held a lamb!  And now I really want to!  Milked a cow, fed the chucks... ridden horses bare back!  At Hatchers Farm, that was... MMmm, just checked it out, it looks like its still called that, and for sale!! Anyway, my step-dads friends owned it a long while ago and we used to go there a lot and have fresh from the cow milk on the table, and freshly made bread and cakes by auntie Mary...


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