Thursday, April 21, 2016

Me, Orphan Black!

Here I am back in Blighty, Wales to be a little more exact, although still vague!
Been back in placement for nearly a week, weather has been good, and spring is definitely in the air!  I am surrounded by new born lambs, bleating away day and night, they sound so different! I didn't realise! Just like us!
For the first time here I have seen a squirrel, little chap who came up below the bird feeders, then had a drink from the bird bath... So I put some nuts on the veranda and on the window sill, but he didn't come back...
The pair of Jays still taking lots of food, although a crow got top marks today, he picked up four crusts in a row and flew off to eat them, won't make that mistake again, small crumbs from now on!
The woodpecker is still hanging onto the bird feeder unable to get a thing from it and too fast for me to get a photograph!
The Builth Wells bull!

When I arrived here last week I was shattered! Up at twenty to four, at the airport for five am, and landed in Cardiff at 8:30am!! Bus to Cardiff city centre and a coffee! Had a wander about, but was so tired already! So I got a bus here... It had taken 2hrs 30 minutes by air to do about 1500 miles, and it took 2hrs and 35 minutes to do 63.5 miles! We stopped maybe 3 or 5 times only I think! A long journey but beautiful scenery...

Our nearest park
Can almost see our terrace from here!

Once in the nearby town I got something to eat and drink, then dragged my case and myself the last part of my journey... About half hours walk!
The customer I am supporting was pleased to see me, I think now she is settled in the routine of our month on month off rotation
Today she looked at me and said I was surrounded by blue, all around my head and shoulders... my aura?

Writing captions to photographs... my reference to the Orphan Black on mine is apart from I seem to have morphed into her! I have been catching up and watched the whole of the 3rd series... How did I not know it was available??? And yesterday went straight into Series 4... only to find... they are adding one episode at a time!!! Arrrrhhhhh! Did you hear me scream....


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