Friday, July 07, 2017

Random Roads...

Sorry photograph is a little blurred! Wasn't sure if the bug was alive and didn't want to startle him! I think he was a horned dung beetle! Guess that horn is for pushing the worlds largest dung-roll ahead of him!

And from largest - to smallest! The worlds smallest cupcake! How cute! Out with friend last evening for a good walkabout town... Ended outside a bar and for me café con leche and it came with this cute little cupcake!

And lastly... Me!!! Oh if only I knew at the time as we stood there at Europa Point! What the hell was my hair doing!! I think life-of-its-own comes to mind.

It was clipped back by the way, I didn't walk around Gib. looking like this... did I?

Tears are words our hearts cannot speak...

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