Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sorry friends, landed back in UK! International jet setter extraordaire!

That was Friday, I knew my destination, but the flight was forty minutes late taking off, which meant all train travel and connections on my list were obsolete! Luckily the tickets were 'any time' off peak!

I of course panicking about a different placement, location, train station! But there was a great monorail shuttle which took me direct to a very crowded train, cosy, snuggled up to everyone!!! Ugh! which took me to Birmingham New Street station, and on enquiring how to get out of there and travel on foot for a twenty minutes walk above ground... a wonderful lady told me to go to Manor station! Only a few minutes walk, job done!

It was then another train, less crowded, a short taxi and I'm here!

All good!

... until Friday.

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