Thursday, September 14, 2006


hello friends,

here i am in england now, tony has gone of to work and i hava a few minutes before i have to rush off again...

trip to malaga airport on tuesday was fun in the thunder storm we were having, lots of rain and mud and rubbish all over the road... the flight was an hour later taking off so the storm had passed by the time we left, and as usual, we arrived on time anyway! then had to wait over half hour for our luggage to appear on the conveyer belt... phoned the car people who came and i collected my little auto and off i went!

the M1 motorway had roadworks... no change there, and i got to janettes about 4pm! we had coffee and doughnuts and i left around 530 to go to tony's popped into mom's on way past to say "hello mom, i'm here" and off i went again!

yesterday mom up town, after a quick hello to lisa where she works to arrange seeing her new home, then met mom and looked around the shops had coffee, again, and at 1pm was at sarah and darren's house... had a bit of lunch and went to town with them for coffee at costa's, where we used to go all the time, and then back to theirs again, later to tony's and in the evening he and i went to see the remake of the wicker man with nick cage, was good, but i was so tired... we hadnt had time to eat so stuffed ourselves with popcorn soda and chocolates! uummmm very good, but my body must be wondering what the heck is going on, after all the wonderful fruit juice i have been drinking and am now abusing it instead!

so... phew so far... today the weathers not looking good, its been quite warm here, well for england, so lots cooler than home, but today its wet, mom and i are going to milton keynes which is a big shopping mall, so all undercover nice and dry!

hope your all good, take care,


forget me not said...

Lucky you to be home Marian...but I can't figure it out. Do you live in England or in Spain normally?

Desert Dreamer said...

LOL...the "Globe Trekker" revisited. We have the travel channel and I love that show! I you carry only a backpack with you as well?

Marian said...

FMN... oh spain españa spain, whenever i say home i mean spain, lived for long long time in england of course, but once i came here for a holiday back in the late 80's spain always felt like home to me, very strange, was homesick for this wonderful country the rest of the year in england and only felt really home, here, in spain.

DD... actually..... no, just my purse, handbag thingy! but have one from work now, so you never know!