Saturday, September 23, 2006



well this promotion ended yesterday, was only 3 days left after my holiday to england, but oh so tired... got home just before midnight tuesday and off to work wednesday morning!

good last three days, great week visiting friends and family, lots to tell you, but not today, was up earlyish, did loads of housework, then franco and i went out for lunch about 1230 and didnt get back from shops till gone 4, now i just need to put up my feet and rest a little, cant believe its 630 already!?! how strange is that?

so... normal service will be returning here with me over next few days, will be going into the cudeca store to work monday morning... the old english test card above... thats what used to be on telly when nothing else was, do you remember those days? good night from the BBC and that was it! nothing till 6am to following day....


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