Saturday, September 09, 2006


sorry... as they say good intentions eh! was too tired to blog i am afraid... still tired, so again, short and sweet!

above is taken where i have my lunch on a monday along the benalmadina coast line, and there is the view to the marina, the video i took yesterday is from the bench i now frequent on a friday at montemar, the other side of the marina from where we see it above and about 15 minutes the other way!

week so busy busy busy, too long standing, everyday is another miracle i have got through, i dont know how, only that i only have monday and then i am off to england, and on my return have only three days left!

i am exhausted, did i say that before? yes i am sorry, still struggling with the hours drive there and back too, so much traffic and i am like a bear when i drive, an angry bear who growls at everyone who is doing something they shouldnt be, i ran a blog through my mind the other day on my way, all the driving habits of the locals here... well that will be for when i am back to myself!

went to town today, funny how the walk there now is so much harder, i dont really walk now, just stand for hours, and sitting anywhere hurts like heck!

you know i am so looking forward to visiting my friends up the coast, i am going to get on the coach here in malaga, and rest all the way, and the whole week.... b l i s s!

had the usual people in every day, those who buy for others mainly and a few for themselves, people who were happy to talk, those who just blanked me! i still gave them gifts if they bought our brand though...

so friends, i hope your all doing good, cant beleive this is the end of my third week already, miss you all, take care,



forget me not said...

Miss you too Marian...I spent three days last week in a battery factory in Turkey. Thought of you while I stood for hours watching all the technicians fussing over a sort of oven. Enjoy your trip home!

Honora said...

Enjoy, enjoy