Saturday, September 30, 2006

hello.... hello....hello...hello...hello!

i know what am i? lazy? a bit, tired? very so excuses over, and time to make up for lost time!

above is myself with sarah darren, janette and lenny, out on saturday night in aylesbury.

was a good evening minus a few people who were not out of my mind...

since i´v been home, i had to work for the last three days of the week, to start i thought i only had the three days, then i was asked to do two more weeks and i told myself i could do it... then thursday learnt it was only the three days! confused? i was! nothing unusual there i suppose, but not my fault...

so this promo is over, sad last few days after all that, and last weekend went in a flash, shopping and cleaning and the sunday market, and lots of sleeping, too much, and too much this week, i have been getting up late, between 8 and 830, so giving my self headaches! but i just feel so exhausted i feel i need to sleep, and i should know by now staying in bed does not help!

my friends here in alhaurín moved on wednesday, and i helped, poor car, i have to check the water and oil before we use if again, it was so overheated i had to have the fan on full blast and the heat as high as it would go, and it was 35 degrees outside, so you can imagine how hot i was
in the car!

but all done now, they have moved from their one bedroom apartment, that was new'ish the block is still not registered! to a one level house out in the campo, but only just, 10 mintues from the main road, less than 20 minutes from our house, will take some photos next time i am there, and i remember to!

pippa and i walked there yesterday morning, good walk and one we can do more often now theyre nearer.

cant believe its october tomorrow! this time last year mom and i were in the states, staying at my aunts in queens, off to my cousins wedding in fishkill in a few days time... and before we know it halloween will have come and gone and christmas!

on wednesday in the estanco, a lady came over i knew from berkhamsted, we had worked together years ago, about 10 or 11, she had recognised although her husband thought i was a local girl, to spain that is, not england!

i was chatting to maria jose, from one of the estancos before my trip... i said all the english come in and are surprised when i speak in english, and yet the spanish dont think i am spanish, and only talk to me in english.... (have i already said about this? sorry if i am repeating...) anyway maria said its because i just look like a foreigner... a 'giri' in spanish...

monday at cudeca was a long morning, weird as it was only four hours and not the long day i have been used to, and apparently i am still
in charge on mondays, even if i'm not in!

alhaurín streets have changed again over the last couple of weeks, a few more closures... with no hope of exists! soon we will neither be able to get in or out of our car park! the top ring road, as i call it, blas infante its name, is now open at last, new roundabout, park waterfalls and finished well, all the blacktop has been replaced from the crossroads as you reach town to the new area, and all the white lining.... looking good! till the pot holes return and white fades to grey!

the famous pot holes on the coast road are back now... franco is whistling from the car park...

All time, said the poet T S Elliot, is eternaiiy present, leading inexorably to an end that we believe results from our actions but over which our control is mere illusion.



Honora said...

Wonderful photo!! Take good care of you, Marian :-)

Marian said...

honora... thank you, it was a great evening, should have been more people but with holidays and other stuff, called life... just hope in ten years it wont just be me eh!