Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

and what a Good Friday it is!

i have got a job! yes! yes! ok and YES!

out of the blue really too, one i applied for last friday by email, had a reply from but then nothing more, so last night before we went out to watch the parade i thought, why not and emailed him again... whilst we were out i saw one of those childrens helium balloons pass over head and said to franco look at sponge bob square pants up there! might as well be a pink pig or elephant the chance i have of hearing about that job now!

got home and there was an email two missed calls on movil and the house phone! so i called him back and he said he wasnt sure what had gone wrong, and had put my name down for an interview (this morning)

he said he was giving second interviews for other people but offered me a job on the spot! i am taking a part time job, weekends only, although he said he would prefer me to work full time as he thinks i am so perfect for the job...

(woah.... thunder and lightening outside.... scary)

the job? its working at a golf club, not sure which one yet, with a golf club cleaning machine and offering, for a price, to clean the golfers equipment for them! should be good fun, and maybe i will change to the week instead, but for now will try the weekends out, so i can stay at cudeca and still help my friend out in her place!

in the bar, where we had the interview was an english comedian, mike reed! recognised his voice first then when he got up i knew it was difinately him! he look over at us!

we also have one of the status quo band members living in alhaurín el grande found out yesterday.

the weather today had been beautiful, at least down on the coast blue clear skys not a cloud in sight, but i came home, changed quickly and rushed down town to meet with friends and the clouds came over, now its real dark and stormy.

now to semana santa! easter week! wednesday evening there was a play at our church, the last supper, last night jesus was walked through the streets by herods men pulled by a rope and abused, his follows were with him, and several local bands played, guns were thrown into the air and caught... we watched for a couple of hours up at the end of our street, and thought it was all over, but they were just moving about town and came back to our street and our house it seemed about 2 in the morning! we knew when the 100 men carrying (i think) santa deloras was outside our bedroom window as they rang the bell, theyre bell, not ours!

tonight, now this is strange FMN reading your comment on how its going on there in italy, today we have the trial of jesus by herod, tomorrow ending at midnight the crucifiction, followed by sunday his resusitation as they call it here.

going to post this now, i think we might have a power cut now!

Happy Easter everyone...


and a big PS... Thank you one and all! i know you were all routing for me with regards to getting this job (any job!), and on Good Friday too eh!
muchas gracias mis amigos xx

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forget me not said...

That's great news Marian! I think God is rooting for you even more than us! We all need your buoyant entusiasm for life and are saddended if your skies are stormy. So the next time your skies are stormy, remember this moment: that although things may seem difficult, the moment always passes. You know that already, but I believe the fact that you are having a "resusitacion" of sorts in this exact week, Holy Week, is significant. He went through a lot, but that moment passed, too. He is rooting for you, no doubt about it!