Monday, April 30, 2007

ok ok i hear y'all laughing at me here!

my friends and i went up to the lakes and then on to el chorro, (site of von ryans express movie), it had been a beautiful morning, a real scorcher, and so after work i changed into this little top, and off we went.... but on our way the weather changed, and into the storm we drove, so bad at one stage i didnt notice the police behind until we were leaving a 70 zone and going back to normal speed and i noticed him and my speed at the same time, just a tad over the limit, i at this point stropped breathing, swallowing and everything went into slow motion, then he came past and off he went.... i breathed again.... phew!

we had a good few days, we went to ronda on our wedding aniversary, wednesday, franco had a day off too yipeeeee! had lunch in that lovely restaurant that mom and i went into in december, the one with the beautiful arab courtyard, this time there was more people, lots more!

we had a good, long.... (phew) walk around the town, the new bridge only a couple of hundred years old, and of course the old bridge! the gardens, and the scary lookout that has a swear word for its name, so withheld here! we also went to a couple of places i had never been before! amazing after nearly 20 years of visits to still find new things, well new to us eh!

we stopped on the way back also to visit the man and his boy, remembe the photo of tony and i doing the same poise? and on the top of the summit was a bit of a party going on, some romanians were eating and drinking, they offered theyre fayre, but we declined having eaten already!

in the evening after a little nap.... we went off into town to have dinner, the first restaurant we went to was up the top of one the very steep streets in town, and at one point i went on alone.... to search out the food! well restaurant.... found it, but then changed our minds! so back down we went after everyone had made it up to check it out.... back to place us 'ladies that lunch' go every month or so, and we had a really lovely meal and good time to remember. talk about tired though, the walk home seemed to go on forever....

then... friday.... and they were off back up north and home, and in the one trip, no stop over this time, and made very good time, now next time, its us up there, by car next time not coach hopefully!

i am still preparing for my trip over to england, tomorrow is may day(workers day) and thursday is andalucia day, so both days everything is shut bar the bars!!

and wednesday i am needed to help out my friend a little longer as she has an errand to run.

oh.... the spring fair at finca la mota on saturday past, didnt do as good as last year at all, about a thousand euros less in fact, our stall did 77€ though on its own, we were doing the raffle, a raffle for a painting by a local artist, and a 'name the bear' raffle!

it was hot too, and this year i forgot all about the sun tan lotion and water, and food, that i brought with me last year, we had some shelter from a few trees, but as the sun moved round there was no shade, and it was all day after loading up from the store, and the same at the end of the day, home about 530 i think more or less.

thats it too much typing and hands burning, adios amigos...

No one day is like another,
each moment has its special miracle,
its magic moment in which old universes
are destroyed and new stars created.



forget me not said...

Wow, that must be some lookout if it has a swear word for a name! I guess it's so scary, people say that word?
You always do so many neat things M. Spain seems more exciting than Italy!Or maybe it's just that I'm a lazy person?!

Andy said...

Your a long time dead, so it's good to squeeze in as much as possible in this short time we have on our visit on this planet.

I never realised that Spain has such a diverse terrain and panorama. On the way back home from Marian's (650km & 6hr 10mins later) we saw mountains with snow on them, landscape like arrid desert, cave houses, farmed forests, lakes, olive groves as far as the eye could see and rocky landscape straight out of stone ages. This is a fantastic country we live in and to cap it all the Spaniards are lovely people as well.

Marian said...

FMN... i guess its because we're still new to spain, and see it with eyes wide open, sometimes we stop seeing the places where we live, because i know if you look around where you live amiga you will see such beautiful things.... yes? yes! and your not lazy! really!!
love mxx

Marian said...

andy... i know it is such an amazing journey up to your place, the contrasts are amazing like travelling through several different countries isnt it! and in time too yes! specially seeing the cave houses, and little hollywood where the western movies were made 30 years ago!

see you again soooooon!
love mxx

Anonymous said...

You're so cute, Marian! You remind me of my friend Sylvia who had big cat eyes and big hair and a big pocketbook.

Marian said...

carol... cute! thank you, but i also look kinda a little bit crazy too dont you think! there were some travelers nearby, not gypsies, but modern day kind, i think if i had just walked up and said hello they would have welcomed me with open arms!