Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh no, another week come and gone!

well i emailed the job about the job, and yes it is still on track for when i get back from england.

that was on friday last week... also friday last week friend and i went down to miramar plarque and to iceland, not that i bought anything though... empty in there.... HA!

then we went into mijas and had a bit of a snack and coffee and walk around the beautiful gardens, taking in the air and the long awaited and beautiful sunshine... back where it is supposed to be!

we ended our little trip up there going into the little chapel of la peña and said a little prayer for everyone... including friends car which had more problems again.....

and when we got back to her place the car came back, and all fixed too!

pursuaded to get shopping myself and then delivered by bloke on saturday i went round mercadona with cart which mate helped push, but was so heavy to push that the headache i already had got worse and turned into a migrane so i took a tablet when i got home, mercadona man delivered later and i went to bed to let it get on with it and leave me alone! those tablets really are amazing.

sunday franco pippa and i went to la trocha market and then home, lots to do to prepare for friends arrival down south on monday!

i went into cudeca after a quick pop in to other shop i work in, then left early to await the call that friends were about to arrive, but then had to walk back into town to get key so i could open up 'other' shop today! was in there and helping out for an hour, then met friends, they had driven down from cumbre del sol north of benedorm, where i visited last year, leaving sunday, a stopover night on the way, and here early afternoon!

then later, we walked into town, third trip for me so after doing lasagne for dinner too i was totally exhausted!

today after my stint in shop the 3 of us went to mijas for a bit of lunch and walk around the gardens, of course! the toads in the ponds up there are so noisy... just like on friday when i was there then, what a racket they make calling to each other and fighting too i think.

now we're home, and i am tired, again, we're just relaxing now for the rest of the day...

no work tomorrow for me or franco we are all off to ronda for the day, our 3rd wedding aniversary... this time 3 years ago we were in las vegas... saw my brother too for the evening we arrived...

The cup of suffering is not the same size for everyone.


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