Tuesday, April 17, 2007

where have i been? been awhile, sorry...

no excuses either, just going into cudeca mondays and helping friend out in newsagents rest of week, no news on the job i had been told i have got... yes maybe thats it, seems i have been waiting till i heard back from him so i could tell you all news about when i start and where it is i will be working with my new bright job and shining contract of employment, bacause looking back it was 11 days ago i last wrote full of excitement and joy!

well no news is good news isnt it? or like i said to tony, maybe just no news is no news and thats it!

friend, neighbor and work mate is donating a huge bear for the spring fayre, and we got up the idea of making it a type of raffle, so its a ' name the bear' raffle, yesterday i did a graph thingy and today stuck english/spanish instructions all over and took it into cudeca today! felt like a school project, all the drawing of lines and writing etc etc, still if we sell all the boxes on it, a name in each one it will bring in 240€ for cudeca on our stall alone, never mind what ever else we are selling... of its for the fayre, oh yes said that! really dont seem to have a single brain cell in working order today! cant spell cant type, speak? oh yes, thats still working!

just spoken to oldest son on msn, he is having a bad day too.... cant wait to see him in two weeks, times like this when i feel i should be there for him and his brother are hard... and i feel helpless with what he needs just now ... so gather round please and i know you dont know him, but a little prayer for him please, a little word for barry just now mis amigos.... thank you...

put doctor on hold, so to speak for now, what with the trip to england, he wanted me to have another cortizone jab, but as they dont last long and one should only have two or three max, seems a bit pointless, i am still taking the anti inflamitories etc, and keeping the salsa and jive to a bear minimum! LOL just kidding!

hey maybe i will see another sponge bob square pants flying by overhead and hear about the job again.... what do you think!

oh saw on paulo coelho site that his latest book is out april 24th in Uk in english, so i will buy that when i am over, cant wait to read it!

The magic moment is the moment when a 'yes' or
a 'no' can change our whole existence.



Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for Barry, tho' I don't know why, and I'll be praying for you, Marian.

forget me not said...

Prayers assured Marian! For both of you!