Friday, June 01, 2007

well another week passed, lots of tourists in town now, recognisable by their lack of clothes... hello we're not on the beach folks! one woman today walked past bar rosa wearing one of those thin silky beach tops, kaftan design thingys, thigh length, over her nick-bini! would have been so bad i suppose if she had been under 60! OMgoodness what a sight, well she certainly stopped everyone mid conversation, never know that bar go so quiet.... sorry lady!

franco is doing some work at his sisters on sunday, so we will go down with him bright and very early, june now so cant take pippa on the beach which is a shame as her apartment is right there almost on it!

i am listening now all the time to this new station i found when i went to england, not sure if its on line, i will have to check it out, i think it must be as its one of those DAB channels(?) digital something or other.

its all old stuff, sort of 70's and 80's mostly, i need to break away from day time tv when i am home during the day, its like a drug, and one would think i could only watch the same 'inspecter morse' or 'midsummer murders' episode the once, but no seems i could keep on and on as long as they show them!

so effect in catching up with the 6 or so books i have waiting to be read, and of course, my leaning spanish...

ok gotta go, lasagne waiting to be popped into the oven...

I live neither in my past nor in my future.
I have only the present, and that is what matters.
If you can remain always in the prsent
then you will be a happy man.
Life will be a party, one long celebration,
because life is this moment we are living now

(above from the alchemist-cant believe this book came in today to the shop, i could never give mine away, i have bought it for lots of friends to give, but always kept mine, and the book today i gave to val to read)


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