Sunday, August 12, 2007


yesterday friends and i went down to fuengirola by bus to be noisey! well we were, we wanted to check out where friend is moving to this week, leaving us inlanders becoming a beach babe! we arrived in good time and had a coffee, then back to get a cab to take us there, seemed to take ages and didnt have a clue where we were going to end up, i will have to have a look on google map after this so i can check it out again.

she is moving to los boliches end of town, and seems very near to the benalmadina area, hopefully i will be able to find a good way of getting there by car, i think i have an idea how, just need to see it on the map.

the apartment is very nice, fairly new, and very very different from her very old house she is moving from, she wanted to be nearer the sea, and all the things that make living on the coast so different from living in land.

after we had the checked the place out we made our way back into fuengirola, some walk, but she wont have to do it if she doesnt want to, the area where she is moving to, and los boliches itself of course, is a good community with all the things you need... a small town all in its self.

we stopped in a bar along the beach and sat at a table in the shade right on the beach, we shared sardines fresh off the beach, above photo showing them being cooked next to the restaurant, the heat waves reaching up and making those people look all wobbly!!!

we had salad and bread and some cool drinks, the table to our right was getting fuller and fuller as a huge spanish family came off the beach, and the waitress´s triend to clear our table before we had even finished eating! that i didnt like, up inland, you can take as long as you want, only one group at a table and they dont rush you to fill it up again! and having our plates taken before we had all finished was only annoying and made us stay longer... we had more drinks!

then we carried on our merry way, into the town centre, we were in holiday spirit, dispite the above, and we ended up wearing flower leis, just like the hawaiian ones! and a clip on flower in our hair... ok ok i hear ya´ll laughing now, well you should have seen us!

you could if i posted the photos! i´ll check first and will do... maybe !

when we ready to get the bus home i talked to franco said adios to the others, i walked along to the miramar and met him in there... what a lot of walking, cant believe i did it, but i do today, big time, never mind had a great day...

lil purdy cat above is a friends kitten... aint he sweet, basking in the sun...

today, we went up to the garden centre with pippa, bought a climbing plant, to hopefully make its way up the rock face behind the house!

oh i almost forgot, stayed up late last night to look out for the shooting stars... san lorenzo again... see last years entry for him...

franco was watching tv, he fell asleep, but then so did i! up on the terrace laying down on the floor! just on some chair cushions... but the only way i could look up easily skywards! my neck was hurting from leaning back, so maybe thats also why it hurts so much now....

more luck tonight i hope, staying awake and seeing them too! few more nights i think we have a good chance of seeing the amazing things.

Do not try to explain feelings.
Live everything intensely
and treasure what you feel as a gift from God.


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