Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i am exhausted... wish this weather would break, just a little rain would be good, at night would be good too, just to cool things down a little. still no rain inland here at all, was bit cloudy down on the coast over the weekend, and seems storms are forcast for the weekend about here, so we will see.

coming home from work on saturday was a very strange first experience, the sky was blue, clouds were grey on the horizon, but all the way home so for about ten minutes i guess, it felt
like i was walking along near a car wash! felt like over spray... very strange!

although we, i, shouldnt complain, the poor people in greece, all the dead and the loss of homes and land, one couple were found in their home in an embrace, unable to save themselves, and another woman and her children died in their car trying to flee the flames, but had they stayed in their home, the fire didnt touch any in the town at all!

this week is quite quiet in town, lots of shops closed, still bar rosa is shut for holidays, so the very hub of the town is not there, its where we all meet up and everyone is wandering around feeling lost and not sure where to go meet their friends, and of course on wednesday the bar to our left is shut and so with the empty bar seems a very quiet place with just our shop there, well and the realestate offices and the lotteria of course!

three of our customers are on their way back to england in the next couple of weeks... wish them well and we will miss them...

poor pippa has been suffering the last couple of weeks, no way can i walk her in the morning and then spend the next six hours on my feet, so she is lucky if she gets a walk around in the evening, poor little thing, i suppose having three levels in our house gives her a good run, but she will be glad when its back to normal in a couple of weeks.

i have skipped a couple of my tablets the last couple of days, the farmacia is shut on my way in and shut on my way home... and now i am suffering, these are ones to keep my tummy safe from the strong anti inflamatories, it meant today i havent really eaten much.... yet... so i had better get some dinner on and try and eat, eating is ok, its the aches and pains that follow 12 hours later i cant do

ok amigos adios for now...

All the world needs
are examples of people
capable of living out their dreams
and fighting for their ideas...



JustMe said...

Is there a neighborhood teen or friend who could collect your tummy med for you? Hope you're feeling better today, Marian.

freddie said...

well, today is the first day of rain since June here in Rome... I'm loving it and hope you'll get a "better" weather - point of views isn't it? - soon.
Ciao from Rome

Marian said...

JM... well franco did come with me to get them two days later! i really must get new ones at least four or five days before i know i will run out, and at least in a few days times, the hours i have been doing in my friends shop mean i will be about when the shops open! 3 weeks has been a long time when i'm not used to it.

thank you for thinking of me, my poor tummy is still suffering, worse as its my fault for not getting them i suppose!
take care

Marian said...

freddie... i saw venice on tv this morning and the rain there... and yes points of view, people on holidays here loving every moment and us `locals' saying rain rain come today! (but only at night when we are safely tucked up asleep eh!)