Thursday, August 09, 2007

the lakes are not this full at the moment! although they are higher than normal for this time of the year, due i guess to all the rain we had in april!

now what i have been meaning to tell you for a week now, the road up from the coast, down to fuengirola is going to be worked on! totally, not just the usual suspects, those recurring pot holes! its is going to be widened where it can be, to make those dangerous curves safer i hope, the works are going to start shortly.... (?) and will take 18 months mas or menos!

so when its done its going to be fantastico si!

still hot in these parts, 35 in the shade on the terrace today... stopped at bar rosa and had pil pil today with garlic bread, very nice thank you amigas! just what i needed just when i needed it!

yesterday i drove down to get franco from work and i think i havent driven the car since maria was out here back in june! seems strange not driving for so long, never thought the day would come where i wasnt driving every day... bit like the days i couldnt see myself not going clubbing... and i mean dancing by clubbing folks! but those days are long gone... and different ones are here now... ones i didnt expect and so much better!

The warrior of light
plunges unhesitatingly into the river of passions
ever flowing through his life...

(and as usual paulo coelho´words are spot on!)


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