Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i would say where has this week gone since i last blogged, a whole week? but i have been helping my friend out while she is away, so not been home till about 3 pm every day, including saturday, and so tired, yesterday i came home, got a bad head to add to the bad neck bad back and aching hips took them all to bed and got up at mid night? slightly at a loss as to where the evening had gone, had a yoghurt and went back to bed again.

its been so hot at night, hotter than normal i am sure for this time of the year, and these last few days so humid, franco came home early from work today as he was rained off, and he thought we would be flooded out up here too, but no rain in alhaurín today, it was torential down on the coast at calahonda and la cala de mijas, impassable in places and lots of accidents on the greasy roads.

this last week with franco on hols, he has been getting dinner ready for me thank goodness, i have been useless after getting home!

sunday we went to la trocha, but the shops are now closed there too on sundays, so no market and no shops, even the restaurants were not open yet!

we went to the garden centre for coffee instead, where i saw so many people i knew it was like a week day!

barry, oldest son, has booked his flight, yipee, he is over when franco is away in october, infact i can take franco to departures, see him off and walk round to arrivals where barry will be arriving! as long as both flights are on time i suppose!

ok folks sorry i am all done in now, my fingers ache so i am off to rest, seems the mornings are coming round much faster these days, and we have not even walked pippa yet today...

Love cannot exist in peace,
It will always come accompaned by agonies,
ecstasies, intense joys and profound sadnesses...


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