Wednesday, December 10, 2008

back home en España...

yes home... seems longer than a month away, and not blogged for a while... so apologies and whats been happening! well to the left there is a snow globe... one of my favorite things! i love them, and here in Milton Keynes is the largest one i have ever seen... and we went in it! yes inside it... i made my poor mother go in it with me! and she loved it, as did i! once inside we threw the snow about and it got caught up in the air that was flowing from beneath we threw plastic snow at each other and got thoroughly covered in it! they took our photo and then we had some more play time and came out to collect our photos... will scan and publish another day... was the best ever fun, i recommend it, for bringing back the child in us all, we felt reinvigorated and exhilarated, so much so we went on the Merry go round later!

this mushroom is in Milton Keynes also... part of the Christmas display outside of John Lewis store... mom and i didn't see much of the so called recession either, here and in Watford, Hemel Hempstead and Aylesbury and St Albans, the places i visited a dozen times each! well nearly, people were arms full of shopping bags and for now, happy smiling faces....

this i took from inside Cinderellas carriage, didn't think mom could quite make it up onto a horse! although yes i would have!

on the Sunday the 23rd last day i blogged, this was the snowfall we awoke to! not much really i suppose, and out of the four weeks and 3 days i was in England, i only had to use my umbrella 3 times, not too much rain, i was lucky.

and finally i beautiful sun set one evening... this would have been about 4pm... this is always the strange thing for us in Spain, we might not have the long days of summer you have in the UK, but our winter days are longer...

ok Mom, her CAT scan went ok, not much fun the huge amount of a liquid she had to down in the hour before, it was dye for the scan, but all went well, she was supposed to wait 20 minutes afterwards to make sure she felt fine, but after 10 minutes mom wanted outta there, so despite my concerns we left!

her 2nd chemo is tomorrow, Tony is picking her up and then her best buddy, so she has company for the time there, the chemo itself is a quick half hour, its the time waiting after the blood test and the making up of the chemicals that make it a long day, and not one to be spent on her own...

my last week there Mom was buzzing, i think it was that snow globe! there was no stopping her, and likewise this week she has been doing stuff that she knows she might not feel up to later in the week, and today resting for tomorrow.

my flights are booked for her last chemo session, if all goes to plan that is, so those blood platelets better keep to their bargain!

It was so great walking into town yesterday morning, I walked on the other side of the street than i usually do, observing the other side of the road... and the people! i was on my way to a friend at work in the animal rescue store up near axa insurance, its a new shop, i was prevented from continuing up that side of the street though by a water main that was causing a storm! well it looked like one, the water was coming up out of the path like a fire hydrant in New York City! aiming up and over calle Gerald Brenan which was like a rain shower over the cars and the people who hadn't moved right over on the path on the other side of the road! i crossed road and got in the stream the water went right over and into my shoes... nice!

a couple of shops have closed, and some moved... rumors of bar rose opening again are good to hear... nothing against those bars nearby of course, just that right there in such a prominent position in the town it doesn't look good!

heck... most important... i came home to a new kitchen! it was a case of 'whose kitchen am i in'!!! its wonderful, i have all these cupboard things... lots of room now, and a sink that holds more than one plate, and a real draining board on it too! we didn't have one before, just two round side by side sinks! rubbish! its taking us a while to get used to it, going to pull out a drawer that's not there anymore... and the sink moved too! Pippa is ok, she doesn't mind where her bowls are, just as long as whats in them is there! oh and Pippa... she went just crazy to see me again, took so much longer for her to calm down than the normal after my long days down in Torremolinos! my baby just didn't know why i was away for so long, and i wondered if she thought i would be home when we went out Sunday morning! Sunday morning i awoke with a bad head ache, took some tablets and carried on though, too much to do, the shops were open! i had left my special neck pillow at Tony's, i was over weight!?! so had to get a new one from Ikea, and this time i got one for sleeping flat, which i need to do, to prevent pain, and the other pillow was for sleeping on your side! not sure what the difference is in the pillows though so don't ask! i got better as the pills kicked in and we went from there to Miramar in Fuengirola, and the Miramar Parque nearby too, got food and had a general good old walkabout! was shattered when we got home... so took more tablets... LOL!!!

ok... where is my Paulo Coelho book for my quotes... i need some more! think i better check out Amazon and add to my wish list!

A blessing rejected becomes a curse...
The Alchemist


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Pia said...

It's been a while, I know,Marian. I didn't know about your mom, so sorry. And sorry about Carol, too.