Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ok interesting! was going to put a photo on here, but the photo is on its side in my images and when i click to enlarge and turn, as normal, the photo is coming up from my picasa and in there its already done?! heck, well cant think about it now i don't have enough room in my head just now.

i had to make a list so i could remember what to write today, am really suffering with tiredness, keep waking up as per usual for the last 20 years! can it really be so long, yes in may of next year since i had an op which on the one hand saved my life and on the other seemed to either begin or just make worse my fibromyalgia... but now instead of just going straight back to sleep i am staying awake and this cant go on its hard to concentrate or even just be bothered to...

this morning at last i saw a couple i had been looking out for since my return home, they had called a couple of times when i was doing the promo, but i was of course not home! so hadn't seen them since may! we had a good long chat in the street and so moved into the nearest bar to continue! for coffee of course! i was well coffee'd out had had two already with friends at the cruz, seen my buddy in the animal rescue shop and had quick run though super sol! i had told Pippa i would only be a couple of hours but i think after my whole month away she doesn't believe a word i tell her!

yesterday Franco got an afternoon off and we went down to El Corte Inglés and guess what we found there? the game i was hunting in England last month! Professor Layton and the Curious Village.... cant wait now to get cracking into it! i have been trying to plough through Hotel Dusk for what must be a couple of year... bit sad that is isn't it! but, and the but is how do you know what your supposed to do, when your going along, for instance in one spot you find a pen, the inscription is poor, it turns out you have to go into the kitchen find a sack of flour that's torn open and put some flour on the pen to read it! how would you ever know to do that, or am i just up with the program, literally!

we also bought our neighbors little boy his gift, everything is wrapped so great here in Spain, they don't now, but i remember when they used to even wrap the stamps... although saying that the girls in one estanco did put them into little mini paper bags they had made earlier...

El Corte was empty considering the closeness to christmas, although the big present buying will be just before the Kings day, it was strangly quiet... as was Aldi, the new one coming up from Fuengirola on the Alhaurín road... you would have laughed... i grabbed a cart and then walked into through the 'out' door!!!! had to come out and come in the right door! really!

Waiting is painful.
Forgetting is painful.
But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering
Paulo Coelho


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