Monday, December 29, 2008

will it please stop raining? it wasn't too bad this morning around 10am i got into town ok, but the cloud came down and so up came the para aquas! Spanish is so easy isn't it! para sol (for sun) and of course para aqua (for water!) how can we possibly go wrong?!?

it rained all day Sunday... and the forecast shows rain for the next 3 or 4 days, G R E A T! although of course could be worse, it could be cold also!

some more views here of the road coming up into Alhaurín from Fuengirola, on the left here you can see where people have lost their land by about 20 or 30 foot to the new road.
apparently(?) this land may have been borrowed by them and it always belonged to the high ways people? not sure who spread this rumor....

but now coming and going up or down the road you can at the

moment see much more than we used to, the roadside bushes all gone including lots of trees and orchards!

these two pipes in situ here headed towards Finca La Mota,
will be carrying something, and i guess as they haven't been sunk very deep the ground level here will have to be raised somewhat.

in town the municipal library building that came to a stand still some time ago, looks like getting moving again in February 2009, not sure if they will keep everything where it is... remembering the photos i took from the Cudeca window showing one of the Library's floors coming right up to the windows, allowing no light or air to enter, ok in winter but in summer? will be awful! and the same for the people whose apartments above have the wall immediately in front of they're balcony's... can you imagine standing on your small terrace and having a brick wall 2 or 3 foot away from you,

especially having had full sun since you moved in! would be very depressing.

also in a paper i came across an article about Fords here in Spain, now is the time to buy with huge discounts at the moment on new cars 10 or 20% percent, cant remember which, so don't quote me!!!!

this last photo is the corner approaching the garden centre, will they get rid of this bend altogether do you think?



Pia said...

Are you getting the same gloomy weather we have here? Rats! It's been cold, too! Just sitting by the fire today, thankful I don't have to go out. If I don't make it back before the new year, just let me send you my hugs and kisses for 2009, hoping it will be a good one for you, and especially hoping and praying that your mother gets better. She seems to have the right attitude!

Marian said...

thank you for your prayers Pia, and yes she has great attitude! real new yorker style! our weather is great one minute sunny, warm when your in it, but hit the shade or go inside, brrrrr! then its raining again, again, again! happy new year amiga! love mxx