Friday, December 26, 2008

today Boxing Day, Franco and I went down to Miramar centre, not many people there that's for sure... here we were up stairs sitting down for a bite to eat and no one else in sight, although there were more by the time we left...

after Miramar we went onto El Corte Inglés, again! I know twice in one week, so thats it for me for the next few months! not many people in there again either...

this shot comes to you from the top of Miramar, above the restaurants... what a beautiful day, yesterday was a bit cloudy over Alahurín, dont know about the coast.

we saw lots of - no sorry, we saw some holiday makers and they were wearing shorts and t-shirts... brrrrrr! and from this vantage point looking down to one of the hotels below people were in nik-binis! by the pool!! heck!

when i was taking the first photo i spied this little fellow hanging on in there well above the rest of the world of christmas going on beneath him! a balloon from Halloween! he must have had his fair share of gas to keep him up this long!

and then below one of the first lot of shots i took coming up the road from fuengirola of all the road workings going on... the road will be widened and less bends, making the distance .8k less, well mas or meno, we shall see... the other photos tomorrow, they came out quite well considering the speed Franco drives?!?

when we got home i went up on to the terrace to see how warm it was up there... still cooler in the house but 29.9 in the sun! fantastic, i sat out and read for half hour, but then the sun started to go down to low and although most of me was getting warm my legs started to get cold! so down i have come and now here i am... thinking of dinner again, seems like only yesterday.... we had lamb it was beautiful, only we forgot mint sauce! i know i know... and we also forgot to buy a christmas pud, so its no wonder christmas is missing from my life this year! and i know i had five months free of cooking this year with my honey doing all that while i was on that promo but yesterday when Franco saw me with the chicken, (for today by the way) he thought i was going to cook another roast dinner! two on one day... humph, i ask you!!!

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.
Paulo Coehlo


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