Friday, March 27, 2009

Arundel Castle

firstly here above and two below is Arundel Castle, unfortunately of course for us we had no luck getting in! when i checked the site here at home it said it opened in March, i guess i didn't take too much notice of when in March, but it did say March!

that big black door there above was the one we amongst lots of others all thought was the way in... well? it does look like it eh!?!

looking back at the site of when i did look at it, it did indeed say opening March! but they had updated it by the time we got there... and now says April!!! although lots of other bits are still out dated, telling you whats happening in 2008! although it may have changed by now... shall look! yes it has! you would think they would up date the site, in the weeks that follow the closing of the castle, way way before any possible visitors check it out... but hey ho! too late now! guess Mom's bucket was not to have Arundel Castle in it!

this view at the bottom of the town is where the entrance is to the castle, so don't go near the town.... till you come out! lots of nice places to eat and lots of little 'come and spend' shops selling lots of lovely things....

this wonderful display is in the garden of the Waratah Lodge, they have a beautiful garden for guests, and this was a great idea there! look carefully into the mirror to see the back of the B&B!

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget...


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